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What Do I Do If I Have a Water Leak?

Water leaks aren’t always as dramatic as in the movies when a burst pipe shoots water 10 feet in the air. Sometimes a water leak is sneaky – hiding in your walls, ceiling, floors, or belowground outdoor line – and you may not notice it until it’s done substantial damage to your home or yard.

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Signs You May Have a Water Leak

Of course, your local plumbing professional like Stang Plumbing can help you to detect a water leak. You may have a water leak if you notice any of the following conditions in your home or property. Call for service immediately to repair the root problem and reduce your chances of having to repair costly structural damage to your home.

  • Low Water Pressure – Occasionally, low water pressure is the result of a disturbance in your city water service. If low water pressure persists for days on end, you could have a leaky pipe that is sapping your water pressure.
  • Higher-Than-Normal Water Bills – If you notice your water bill is substantially higher than normal, you might have a leak in your main underground line. Turn off all the faucets and appliances that use water and check your water meter. If it’s still registering water use, call for service right away.
  • Discolored Water – If you live in an older home, brown water flowing from faucets could indicate corroded iron or steel pipes. Brown water could also indicate that soil is entering the pipes through a breach.
  • Soggy Areas on Lawn – Soggy patches in your grass or isolated lush green patches of lawn could indicate that an outdoor pipe is broken and draining water into the soil.
  • Water Sounds – If you notice water sounds like gurgling, dripping, or bubbling from sinks or appliances, you could have a leak. Other sound indicators are banging and clanking, which could mean trouble with the pipes.
  • Water Pooling on Floor – Dampness or pooling water around toilets, sinks, and tubs is a sure-fire sign of a water leak. Call for service right away to lessen damage to flooring.
  • Damp or Discolored Drywall – A pipe leak behind the walls or in the ceiling will eventually discolor drywall by leaving a telltale water ring. Call for service to fix the pipes and stop expensive damage to your walls and other structures. Wet drywall can harbor harmful mold and mildew.
  • Cracks in the Foundation – Outdoor water leaks that go undetected can seep into your foundation, causing cracks not only in the foundation, but also in the walls. These types of leaks can cause expensive damage to your home’s entire structure if not addressed promptly.

Water Leak Repair in Maryland

If you suspect you have a water leak, the professionals at Stang Plumbing & Heating are standing by to diagnose and repair it quickly and efficiently. We’ll get to the source of your leaky pipes and correct the problem immediately to save you from untold headaches and expense of water damage to your Maryland home.

Give Stang Plumbing & Heating a call at (301) 926-1462 or contact us online today!

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