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Homeowners that have a bathroom located below the main level of their main sewer line have to have a sewage ejector pump installed. The ejector pump helps to lift the sewage to the level of your sewer line so that it is able to flow out of your home and into your septic tank (or into the community sewer if your property is connected to it). In some cases, a home may have an ejector pump even if the bathroom is almost level with the sewer line because the water won’t flow fast enough through the use of gravity alone.

As you might imagine, an ejector pump that fails isn’t a pretty sight. If anything goes wrong with your ejector pump, you should schedule an ejector pump repair service right away.

Common Ejector Pump Problems

The following are some of the more common ejector pump problems:

  • The ejector pump isn’t cycling – If your ejector pump isn’t cycling, then the first thing you should do is make sure that the outlet is receiving power. Plug something else in to see if it works – if it doesn’t, check your fuse box. If it’s receiving power, then it may be an issue with the float style switch. If the pump doesn’t cycle once the switch is engaged, then a professional will have to inspect the pump to repair it.
  • The ejector pump is cycling, but the pit isn’t being evacuated – The float or rod may need to be adjusted in order to ensure a proper pump cycle. If this isn’t the issue, then it may be the result of a clogged impeller, in which case the pump will need to be removed and the inlet screen will have to be cleaned. The third possibility is that either impeller or shaft is damaged, which would require a new ejector pump altogether.
  • The ejector pump is cycling, but water isn’t being removed from the pit – This is usually caused by a problem with the discharge line. The flapper can get hung up by debris over the years and can even be torn off, causing it to become lodged within the discharge piping. This results in the pump pumping against because the discharge line is clogged, or the waste water coming back into the pit because the flapper isn’t working properly. You’ll most likely have to have a new ejector check valve installed.

Whatever the problem might be, you won’t want to try and handle it on your own. If you notice any issues with your ejector pump, be sure to contact us at Stang Plumbing & Heating in order to schedule an ejector pump repair service. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, which means that they can properly inspect your ejector pump and make the necessary repairs.

For the best in ejector pump repair in Maryland, call 301-926-1462 today! We’re looking forward to working with you.

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