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Here at Stang Plumbing & Heating, we provide a wide range of professional plumbing and heating services, such as well pump services in Maryland that include well pump installation, replacement, and repair services. The last thing you want to do is to ignore the signs indicating you need a new well pump or repair service since your system can affect the quality and pressure of your home’s water.

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Types of Well Pumps

If you need to install a new well pump or replace your old well pump, then it’s important to understand what types of well pumps are available. The following are the three main types of well pumps that you can have installed onto your property:

  1. Submersible Well Pumps – These types of well pumps are typically submerged inside of your well—usually deep wells. There are some models that have controls which are wired above ground, thereby making maintenance a lot easier. Submersible well pumps are usually more efficient than other types of well pumps when it comes to newer installations.
  2. Jet Well Pumps – These types of well pumps are usually found outside of your well. They can either be hooked up in your basement or they can be found in well housing. For the most part, jet pumps are used for shallow wells. They are typically found in older homes.
  3. Convertible Jet Well Pumps – If your home has a fluctuating water table, then a convertible jet well pump may be your best option. That’s because these types of well pumps can be set up for both shallow or deep wells and can be switched later.

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Signs You Need Well Pump Services in Maryland

So how exactly do you know if you need our well pump services in Maryland? The following are a few warning signs that your well pump is in need of repair or replacement that you should keep an eye out for:

  • If the water pressure has dropped throughout your home.
  • If the water in your home has turned dirty.
  • If your well pump is making loud and strange noises.
  • If air spits from the faucet before you turn it on.
  • If your energy bills are higher than normal.
  • If the expansion tank loses its pressure.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs, give our plumbers a call at 301-926-1462.

Well Pump Installation in Gaithersburg, MD

The experienced plumbing contractors at Stang Plumbing & Heating hold considerable experience with installing all well pump types, from the popular submersible well pump to more modern jet well pumps. No matter what system you prefer, you can rely on our team to provide an optimal install that will ensure a dependable supply of running water from your own property well.

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Well Pump Repair Services

A disabled well pump can leave your home in a state of frustration or even panic. Running water is a necessity of our daily lives, so when you lose access to it, you understandably want a solution right now. Our team understands how important this is, so we aim to provide well pump repair services that are fast and accurate.

Leveraging our extensive experience and cutting-edge tools, we can diagnose your well pump and find the cause of the problem in record time. From there, we’ll apply our experience in order to restore your access to well water with precision and care.

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Well Pump Maintenance in Gaithersburg

Well pump maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping a working well pump. Careful tune-ups and system optimizations not only ensure your well pump keeps running reliably but also reduce risks to your potable water supply. Our plumbing maintenance team is experienced in providing complete well pump maintenance for all system types, and our technicians can administer a maintenance plan that will ensure you get the most out of your well pump throughout the years.

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