Frozen Pipe Repair in Maryland

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Winters in the Gaithersburg area bring a whole new range of plumbing issues to homeowners. But of all of them, a frozen or burst pipe may be the absolute worst—and the most damaging. Are you dealing with a frozen pipe in your Maryland home, or are you in need of plumbing repair contractors that can offer fast, affordable, and precise repair solutions? If so, you’re in the right place. Stang Plumbing & Heating offers superior frozen pipe repair.

Our local plumbers have been serving Gaithersburg and Montgomery County homeowners for decades, providing you with a one-stop-shop for complete plumbing repair and replacement services. We have the training and knowledge needed to locate, thaw, and, if needed, repair frozen pipes in no time at all.

Dealing with a frozen pipe in your home? Don’t wait—call Stang Plumbing & Heating at (301) 926-1462 or schedule service with us online!

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Frozen Pipe Repair in Gaithersburg, MD

Frozen pipes can simply freeze up a segment of pipe or can freeze out your entire pipe network. But even a small blockage can lead to big issues like clogging, pipe knocking, and ultimately a bursting pipe! That’s why our plumbers take your needs seriously by arriving promptly, locating the affected area, and applying the correct method of thawing to ensure no further harm can happen.

In our half-century of plumbing service we’ve handled pipe freezes and pipe repair of all sizes and kinds, so when you call on Stang Plumbing & Heating you can rest easy knowing that you’ll benefit from a service team that cares and settles for nothing less than the best in schedule frozen pipe repair, or dial (301) 926-1462 to speak with our service team!

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