Drain Cleaning in Glen Echo, Maryland

Without your homes drains, you would have no way of removing the dirty water produced from the use of your bathtubs, washing machines and dishwashers and transporting it to the outside sewer system. Yet, odds are that you overlook the importance of your drains, that is until you experience a clog. In order to avoid clogging be sure to schedule regular drain cleanings.

If your drains get clogged up, request an estimate online or call us at Stang Plumbing & Heating to schedule a drain cleaning service. We provide emergency plumbing clog removal and clearing services, drain cleaning services and regular drain maintenance to customers throughout the Glen Echo, MD area.

Rooter Services in Glen Echo, MD

In addition to unclogging your drains, we can also clean your drains using a variety of effective maintenance methods. Our Glen Echo plumbers have the experience and know-how to be able to determine what cleaning and clearing methods will best suit the task at hand. Some of the methods that we use include the following:

  • Video Camera Inspection: We can spot any issues your sewer lines might have by using our custom video camera snake. Problems that are often missed by other plumbing companies will be clearly identified during our video camera inspection, and we’ll be able to select the best solution based on what we find.
  • Pipe Snake: Certain clogs can be easily removed using our plastic or metal snake, which contains a clasp at the end that hooks onto the clog once the pipe is lowered into your drain. The snake is then pulled out, dislodging the clog in the process.
  • High-Pressure Water Jetting: – Serious clogs or buildup may require more than just a pipe snake. In such cases, we will use high-pressure water jetting to flush out any debris, which will also wash out your pipes. This is much more effective than taking your sewer line apart in order to manually reach clogs or other issues.

The Benefits of Regular Drain Cleanings

Don’t wait until you have a serious clog to get your drains cleared. Schedule a yearly drain inspection to maintain your drains and keep them in good condition. The following are a few of the benefits of regular drain cleaning in Glen Echo:

  • Thorough Inspection: During the course of an inspection, our plumbers will thoroughly assess and clean all of your drains as well as keep an eye out for any other issues that could cause problems down the line.
  • Extended Drain Lifespan: The better you care for your drains, the more likely they are to last.
  • Improved Home Value: Although having your drains cleared on a regular basis won’t improve the market value of your home, buyers will be more attracted to your house knowing that your plumbing system has been kept in excellent condition.

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If you need to schedule an annual drain clearing service or need to request a clog removal service, then be sure to contact us online to request a free estimate in Glen Echo, MD today.

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