Drain Cleaning Services in Frederick County, MD

Have you ever had to deal with a slow drainage or a serious clog on your main drainage pipe? Well, it is a messy affair. There’s the dirt, the stench and the inevitable water damage. That is why any property owner, be it a commercial office building manager or a homeowner must always aspire to avoid blockages and clean clogs long before they escalate into a blockage. At Stang Plumbing & Heating, we’ve taken the responsibility of running regular inspection and cleaning runs on our client’s drainage systems to ensure that total clogs never happen.

For decades now, we’ve delivered high quality drain cleaning services to Frederick, MD residents at affordable costs. We keep our staff fully equipped and trained in the latest drain inspection and cleaning technology to ensure that we can maintain or fix your drainage in the most unobtrusive ways possible.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

  • Video Camera Inspection: We have sewer line inspection cameras that go into your drainage system and transmit back images to the operator console. This lets us inspect and pinpoint clogs or any other damage hence telling us exactly what we should address when we start working
  • High-Pressure Water Jetting System: The high-pressure water jetting system pushes pressurized water through your sewer line to get rid of tiny bits of clogs and dirt from your plumbing. This works perfectly after a manual unclogging procedure or during frequent drain cleaning runs.

How Often Should You Get Your Drains Cleaned?

Our Frederick plumbers encourage you to schedule annual drain cleaning. You should never wait until your drains are blocked before calling us in.

Frequent cleaning of the bathroom and the kitchen will always pay back. These heavily used sections of the plumbing can easily mess up your entire home or commercial building’s plumbing if left unattended to. With regular inspection and cleaning, you will:

  • Extend your drain’s lifespan
  • Avoid water damage associated with fully blocked drains
  • Avoid the inconvenience of blocked drainage
  • Keep your property in pristine condition hence maintaining or increasing its market value

Request Drain Cleaning in Frederick Today

It is never too late to handle your annual drain cleaning or unclogging. If your plumbing hasn’t failed yet and you’ve been fighting with localized kitchen sink or bathroom clogs, chances are that it is almost at its breaking point. You don’t have to wait until you are standing in a pool of water before letting us inspect your drainage system.

If your drains are already clogged, you can call us on 301-926-1462 or contact us online to request service.

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