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Drain Cleaning Services in Chevy Chase, MD

Is your sink draining slower than usual, or won’t your toilet drain at all? Chances are that you are facing a local or general clog in your drain system. This is a common problem if you rarely call in a plumber to do regular drain cleaning on all your systems and most importantly your main drainage pipe. While a simple bathroom drain, kitchen sink or bathroom sink clog can be settled using a plunger, you must always call in the right plumbing contractor once the clogs are bigger or further away from these easy access points.

Stang Plumbing & Heating has been helping Chevy Chase, MD residents keep their drainage clog free for decades now. We not only have a highly trained team of plumbers but also ensure that we are equipped with the latest drain inspection and unclogging tools the plumbing market has on offer. We are exactly the people you want for regular drain cleaning or emergency unclogging jobs.

Drain Cleaning Services

With regular cleaning, you will never have to deal with a blocked drain since our plumbers will take care of these tiny clogs before they grow into an inconvenient monster clog.

Some of the techniques we use to unclog your drains include:

  • Video camera inspections: Using a snake camera designed to inspect your main sewer line for deposits and clogs
  • Pipe Snake: This is a long flexible metal with a hook at the end that is pushed down the drain until it hooks the clog before it’s reeled back hence ‘fishing’ out the drain blocking clog
  • High Pressure Water Jetting: Once the clog is removed, a high pressure jets of water blasts any remaining bits of debris away hence cleaning the pipe for good. This procedure can also be used for regular cleaning when your drain isn’t clogged yet.

Is Regular Drain Cleaning Really Necessary?

Many homeowners won’t see the need to call in a plumber as long as they can use the sink plunger to clear the occasional sink clogs. The big question is: where do those tiny clogs go after you plunge them away?

Well. They drain into your main drainage pipes and manholes and might get caught up in the system before they leave your premises. Once a handful of such material is caught up, it will keep attracting more debris until they form a massive clog that will block or slow down water and waste movement.

Request Drain Cleaning in Chevy Chase Today

A clogged or backed up drainage is a health hazard. Your waste water will not be flowing away from the house as fast as you want it to. The backlog can lead to a stink or even water damage. If it’s already come down to this, you don’t have to worry. Our Stang Plumbing & Heating contractors can fix it. Call us today on 301-926-1462 for emergency plumbing or contact us online to request service.

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