Drain Cleaning in Ijamsville, Maryland

Drains are outlets that the dirty water your household produces through the use of washing machines, bathtubs, dishwashers and more, have to go through in order to be transferred to the outside sewer system. Odds are you don’t give your drains much thought despite their important role in your plumbing system. However, the moment that you experience a clog, you’ll realize the importance of drain cleaning services.

Here at Stang Heating & Plumbing, we offer customers throughout the Ijamsville, MD area with emergency plumbing clog removal and clearing as well as drain cleaning and drain maintenance. Request an estimate today to see how we can help clear your homes drains.

Rooter Services in Ijamsville

Not only do we remove your clogs, we can clean your drains using a variety of maintenance methods. Our experienced plumbers will be able to determine which of the following drain cleaning methods are best suited to the job at hand depending on the amount of buildup, the size of the clog and where the clog located:

  • Video Camera Inspection – Our meticulous inspection process begins with a video camera inspection. This process involves guiding a snake with an attached camera through your sewer line in order to identify any issues. Depending on what type of build-up deposits we find, we will then choose the most effective method for clearing your drains.
  • Pipe Snake – For basic clogs, we will use a pipe snake, which is a flexible plastic or metal snake that is wound down the drain. Attached at the end is a clasp that will attach itself to any clogs. Once the snake is withdrawn, the clog will dislodge and be pulled out with it.
  • High-Pressure Water Jetting – For clogs or buildups that can’t be removed with the use of a pipe snake, we will perform a high-pressure water jetting process. Doing so will flush out any buildup or clogs and clean your pipes as well. This is much more efficient than methods used by other plumbing services, such as taking apart the sewer line to manually reach the problem.

The Benefits of Regular Drain Clearings

Although you may not give much thought to your drains unless there’s an issue, you really should. In fact, you can prevent issues such as clogs by scheduling regular drain cleaning at least once a year. The following are some of the benefits of getting an annual inspection:

  • Thorough Inspection – Our plumbers will not only look for clogs and buildup, but also any other issues that could pose potential problems later down the line.
  • Extended Drain Lifespan – Keeping your drains in good condition can help them to last a much longer time.
  • Improved Home Value – Buyers understand that a house with a history of routine drain maintenance is more likely to have a plumbing system that is in good condition.

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To schedule a drain clearing service in Ijamsville, MD, be sure to contact us at Stang Plumbing & Heating today.

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